Eminer Bi-Monthly Report(2022.2–2022.3)

Eminer Public Chain

1)Research EIP-4844, Introduce a new transaction format for “blob-carrying transactions” which contain a large amount of data that cannot be accessed by EVM execution, but whose commitment can be accessed. The format is intended to be fully compatible with the format that will be used in full sharding.

2)Eminer compiler:add extra include paths to solidity compiler.

3) Mainnet EVM version upgraded from v 0.8.11, to v 0.8.13, fixes an important bug related to abi.encodeCall, extends the using for directive and implements “go to definition” for the language server.

4) Tracers.logger: use omitempty to reduce log bloat.

5) Mainnet support ethereum rpc, 45% completed.

6) Mainnet optimization transaction logic development from the network layer to the transaction layer,40% completed.

7) Research exploring incremental verification and SNARKS without pairings,20% complete.

8)Internal/eminerApi: ad refund to StructLogRes.

9) Optimize nonce handling performance in the txpool,40% completed.

10) Upgrade golang to 1.0.3 stable version.


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