Eminer Bi-Monthly Report(2022.8–2022.9)

Eminer Public Chain

1)Research EIP-3525,Defines a specification where EIP-721 compatible tokens with the same SLOT and different IDs are fungible.

2) Fix Register{Tx,Tendermint}Service not being called, resulting in some endpoints like the Simulate endpoint not working.

3) Add a new NewSimulationManagerFromAppModules constructor, to simplify simulation wiring.

4) Fix the CLI not always taking into account — fee-payer and — fee-granter flags.

5) Mainnet support ethereum rpc, 75% completed.

6) Mainnet optimization transaction logic development from the network layer to the transaction layer,70% completed.

7) Research exploring incremental verification and SNARKS without pairings,50% complete.

8)Fix GetBlockWithTxs error when querying block with 0 tx

9) Optimize nonce handling performance in the txpool,70% completed.

10) Add baseAccountGetter to avoid invalid account error when create vesting account.


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