Eminer Bi-Monthly Report|June — July 2021

Eminer Public Chain

1) Main chain optimized transaction flow logic development from network layer to transaction layer, 10% completed

2) Main chain support ETH RPC development, 15% completed

3) Added viper language support at the bottom of the smart contract, 90% complete

4) New multi-asset solution renovation in progress, 80% complete

5) Inter-node communication is done by grpc to reduce the size of transferred data and thus increase the speed of communication, 65% completed

6) The trust verification between proxy nodes is done by CA certificate and RSA symmetric encryption to ensure the trust verification between nodes through cryptography theory, 70% completed

7) Smart contract data splitting solution has entered the development stage, through consistent hashing plus virtual link points to solve the current situation of uneven data distribution, 60% completed

8) Wasm contract development library em-std under development, 80% completed.

9) Research on seamless flow of ETH assets to Eminer chain assets, 10% completed


1)Eminer was invited to participate in the Web 3.0 China Summit and IPFS Blockchain Distributed Storage Industry Ecology Conference on July 15.



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